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Make the process of podcasting production and distribution easy, instant and interactive with our social media platform made just for your voice/podcasts. 

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Podcast and Social Audio Content is a NEED - Not a Want

The podcast industry is estimated to be worth €14.25 billion and listeners worldwide are projected to grow to 465 million in 2023.

Content creators wish to take part in this podcasting opportunity but there are problems…


It is expensive, time-consuming, and complicated.
And that leads to a gap in the podcasting industry where: The opportunity is staggering, and the competition is negligible. 

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell” 

Seth Godin

“One of the most powerful ways to tell your story and build real human connections in the digital age is by starting a podcast” 

Shane Monahan

Founder & CEO Limor

Introducing Limor Enterprise

Measure and manage your podcast content and social audio interaction, and give voice to your business with Limor Enterprise.


Get a personalised web dashboard, publish audio to your business profile, measure the impact of your voice with analytics, and so much more with Limor Enterprise.  

Bring your employees together under your business profile and start creating content.

Imagine a newspaper business! How cool would it be if all your journalists could easily create voice content for your business?
Well, now they can!


With Limor Enterprise, your employees can link their personal profiles to your enterprise account and start creating casts for your business. 


Empower Your Business With Enterprise

Your voice holds power, and Limor Enterprise can unlock it. 

Limor. For Everyone, Everywhere.


Our social audio app allows you to instantly create and share high-quality audio content with our global community. Unlike traditional podcasting, Limor is an interactive, social audio experience. 

Did you know?


In January 2022, 62% of the US population aged over 12 (177 million people) listened to a podcast, up from 57% in 2021. Meanwhile, 18% of adults in the UK listen to podcasts weekly!

audio post record feature in limor, the social audio app
edit audio screen in our audio social media platform


Limor provides content creators with easy and instant functionality to edit their podcasts on the go. This high-quality audio editing is available at the tap of your fingers. If you don’t feel like editing right away, you can save your audio post for a later time! 

Did you know?


The average industry standard for editing a 30- to 34-minute podcast episode takes 4-5 hours. With Limor, depending on the length of the recording, a podcast can be edited and shared in minutes—or even seconds!


With Limor, you can instantly and seamlessly share your thoughts with a vibrant and interactive social audio community; whether it is a 10-second update or a full-length hour-long episode. 

Did you know?


Over 3 million podcasts have been published globally, and this number continues to grow exponentially as content creators become aware of the huge advantage podcasts, digital audio, and social audio have when it comes to connecting with an audience. 

Share audio posts via our audio social media
audio chat, forums and rooms in limor's social audio platform


People love the connection that comes with audio, and now you can easily connect to your target audience and customers. They can freely interact with you, whether they are cooking, exercising, or working in the office, without the need to focus on their device. Speak to them directly with social audio using Limor’s voice comments! 

Did you know?

Voice drives greater emotional connection in the brain; this is one of the biggest advantages of audio: Its ability to connect with your audience on a deeper level. 


All you need is the Limor platform, your phone, and your voice! 

The Podcast Opportunity with Limor Enterprise

The podcasting opportunity for businesses and brands to become one of the top 1% is staggering! 

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The podcasting opportunity for businesses and brands to become one of the top 1% is staggering! 

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