Limor For Athletes

Limor For Professional Athletes

Have ground-breaking initiatives in social interaction with Limor. With so much training and practice in their daily lives, athletes often struggle to connect with their fans, friends and family. When professional athletes struggle to balance their hectic schedules and their social media presence, Limor steps in to save the day. 

Why Voice?

We at Limor feel that voice is an engaging and genuine form of communication. Talking is undeniably a very personable and intimate experience for both the speakers and the listeners. With Limor, you now have the opportunity to have a real connection with your supporters. 

The Time It Takes

Limor was crafted to be simple and efficient. Athletes and other sports players can now fit in their social media interactions even into a very busy day, but without compromising the efficiency of the engagement. Limor makes social audio very easy. Even on the busiest day, athletes can post a quick cast and keep their followers up-to-date. This allows fans to be involved and the caster to be more interactive while costing you much lesser in terms of time taken. 


A Convenient And Effective Bridge

Limor is an athlete’s bridge to their supporters. We designed Limor taking great care to suit people of all lifestyles. Simplicity was the name of the game. We realize how sports personnel can find it stressful and difficult to engage with new technologies and understand new software which is why we created Limor to be so simple to use. We offer quality voice recordings from the palm of your hands. It is very straightforward and easy-to-use, giving athletes a fast and favourable way to communicate and allows them to focus on their passion. 

Hear What They Say, Know What They Think

Limor has the potential to be a direct and efficient way to get feedback from your most important contributor, your fans. When you post a cast, your followers have the ability to leave a voice comment, giving you an insight into their thoughts and views. This allows you listen to and understand their needs much more effectively.

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