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Limor is an interactive social audio experience that lets you instantly record, edit and share with your voice- straight from your phone, without the use of any additional equipment.

Build Genuine Connections

Limor is much more than an audio production app; it is an interactive adventure. You can use your voice to meet new people and share common interests. Through Limor, you can form deeper bonds through genuine communication. 

Promote and Build Customer Loyalty

Savvy businesses are always looking for the best way to sell their products and, social audio is the future of promotion and marketing. Through their unique audio content on Limor,  businesses have the ability to build a loyal customer base. This makes promoting and selling your products and services as simple as it can be.

Effective and Efficient Marketing

Recent listen-through-rates (LTR) show a notable increase in voice and podcasting. According to a DigiDay analysis, audio advertisements have a 24% greater recall rate than display ads. Audio marketing has huge potential for increased advertising efficiency and ROI. Limor is designed while keeping this in mind. Our platform is easy-to-use and this makes marketing easier and without much additional costs.

Enhance Digital Customer Experience

Apart from marketing, Limor offers businesses a chance to humanize their brand to their customer base. Using interactive audio content with customers can establish a deeper connection with potential buyers. By intimacy and the power of voice, Limor generates deeper brand loyalty, recognition, and trust. 

Be an Early Bird

Organizations are always concerned with their brand image but frequently overlook the future it represents. Social audio and the brand new Limor is the next logical step in promoting a brand. Be an early adaptor to a promising industry and beat the curve by making your stake in the social audio industry. 

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