Limor For Journalists

Why Limor For Journalists?

Journalists today rely heavily on social media for information and Limor enables them to work more effectively and earn trust and credibility among their audience. Limor has the potential to revolutionise journalism. With voice and Limor, you can now redefine how news is discovered and stories are gathered.

Change With The Change

The way to gather and consume news in the world has changed. With the right technical tools in hand, journalists can now produce more without having to be confined to a studio and typing out long, drawn-out paragraphs. Journalists can take advantage of the level of intimacy Limor offers when it comes to interaction. This leads to the building of relationships and generates leads that are trustworthy. On this platform, you have the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds that want to share their story. 

Limor For Journalists

Quote And Share - It’s Never Been Easier

Limor provides journalists with a resource for locating quotes and getting in touch with people that they may never meet in person. As it is very easy to quote a cast, it is also a good way to get breaking news stories as soon as it happens. News reporters can easily share their research and findings by recording and uploading a podcast from their mobile devices. 

Hear What They Say, Know What They Think

Limor has the potential to be a direct and efficient way to get feedback from your most important contributor, your audience. When you post a cast, your followers have the ability to leave a voice comment, giving you an insight into their thoughts and views. This allows you to listen to and understand their needs.

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