Limor For Regular Users
Regular Users

Limor has nearly limitless possibilities. We created Limor to benefit everyone, regardless of who they are. The interactive features of our platform are designed to serve the needs of the regular social media consumer. 

The Online Voice Community

Limor is the home of social audio. We provide an online community that is driven by voice. You can now share your knowledge in chosen fields as well as acquire insights from others.

Social audio never sleeps. Overcome the boundaries of location and talk to people from every corner of the world. With Limor, you are ensured to find people to talk to regardless of the time. 

Limor For Regular Users

Engage With Those You Admire

Limor helps you engage with your favourite celebrities like never before. You can leave a voice comment and support them when they post a cast. This level of engagement can not only break grounds in social communication but also has the potential to cause structural and organisational decisions.

Help your favourite people grow their profile by recasting and leaving voice comments on Limor, as well as sharing their casts on other social media platforms.

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