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Get discovered

Hello and welcome to another lesson at Limor Academy. In this lesson, we’ll be taking a look at how you can get people to notice your profile and tune into your casts. We will help you get discovered on Limor and drive engagement with your audience. 

Post Consistently

Improve your sonic branding and get discovered by uploading fresh content on time, every time.
Being consistent helps your audience recognize you and your voice. This allows you to engage with your listeners much more effectively. It will also drive listens and voice comments on your casts, bringing even more visits and followers to your profile. 

Build A Bond With Your Followers

Don’t just entertain but engage with your followers.
Build a genuine bond with your target listeners. Being connected will enable them to think of your profile whenever they use Limor. Through effective listening and engaging interactions, build a successful space on Limor. 

Add Relevant Image And Title To Your Casts

Attract a greater audience by being thoughtful.
Just because it’s audio, don’t be lazy on the image and title for your cast. Users often decide to listen to your cast based on your choice of cast image and title. Hence, it is crucial to make it appealing. 

Write Creative Descriptions

Go original and inventive to pique interests.

Put in relevant and useful information as the description when you are posting a cast. The idea is to provide a quick preview of the cast to your followers. Make sure to include keywords and hashtags, but remember to keep it fun yet relevant.


Don’t forget to categorize your cast and post a location for users to conveniently search and discover you.