Monetization - Limor


Limor is an amazing platform for content creators. At Limor we want to help our content creators to grow. We provide a platform that rewards innovative content creators for their work and more importantly, for being an essential part of the Limor platform. 

Limor Patron

With the launch of Limor Patron, users will have the potential of generating revenue through their content. Limor Patron is an exclusive, invite-only part of Limor which brings with it self-monetization and advanced social audio analytics features.

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the launch of Limor Patron.

Limor Advocate

If you don’t want to wait until Limor Patron rolls out, you need to apply for our Advocate program. 


The Limor Advocate program is a way for content creators to work directly with the Limor team to build their Limor profile, learn how to create engaging social audio content and earn rewards in the process! These exclusive rewards will help boost your presence on Limor.


Don’t wait to Apply to become a Limor Advocate as spaces are limited!