The quickstart guide to Limor - Limor

The quickstart guide to Limor

Hey and welcome to Limor! In this lesson, we will be giving you an overview of all the bits and pieces of Limor to get you started on your social audio journey.

Home page

The Home Page is our main hall. This is the hub where all the action happens. Here, you can browse through all your favourite casters and their content. Listen and engage with casts by leaving a comment, or even recast it for your followers to listen in!

You can also find your notification bell on the Home page. Whenever someone new follows you or reacts to your content, we will put a red ring around your bell. This way, you will always know when something new is up!


Limor has a wide variety of content for you to enjoy. Tune into new and interesting content on the Discover page. 


Find casts from your favourite genre under the Categories section. We have categories from all walks of life and, each of them has its own welcoming communities of Limor users. So jump right in and start connecting!


Next up is our Suggested People and Featured Casts sections. This is where we give shoutouts to those trending people and casts that pique our interests here at Limor.


Finally, the Top Casts is where you can find the most popular casts that are going viral on the platform.


This is where the magic happens!

The Record tab lets you record, edit, share and interact with your voice straight from your mobile without any hassle. 

This is also where you’ll be able to add important details about your cast. You have the option to add a title, caption, hashtags, categories, language and location. We also have a Drafts feature where you can safely save your content to publish at a later time.

Direct messaging - (Coming soon)

The Direct Messaging feature is how you can keep private conversations away from the eyes (and ears) of others. You can have one-to-one conversations without being distracted by anyone else. 


Your profile is what people see when they look you up on Limor. Limor provides you with a lot of options to customize your profile. Put a profile picture and write a compelling biography – let people know who you are and why you’re on Limor!

Your published casts, the people who are following you and the accounts you follow will all have their own little spot on your profile. The settings cog in the top right corner can help you toggle different features and configure Limor to suit your needs.