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What Businesses Need To Know About Social Audio

Blog 08/08/2022

The rise of social audio has been one that not many saw coming, but certainly has reason to make people excited. Social audio, unlike traditional podcasting, allows for the audience to interact directly with the creator and each other through seamless conversation via voice.

Social audio can serve many different uses to many different people; and this does not exclude that of a business. In the past, organisations have been hesitant at first with digital advancements, such as social media. However, over time, these platforms arguably became the quintessential tool for marketing, customer relations and branding. We here at Limor expect the same trajectory for social audio platforms; and here you can find what exactly businesses need to know about social audio.

For many businesses, getting into audio can seem like a complicated and arduous ordeal, which will require more resources and effort than is needed to yield results. Limor, and social audio, are a much easier and more beneficial window into the world of audio. Social audio is easy to pick up and has many uses in which a business could implement into their model. 

For many organisations, being able to seamlessly interact with their customer base can be complicated, yet much sought after. Being responsible for an active and loyal follower count is imperative, and through social audio, and in particular Limor; effectively engaging with your followers is easier than ever. Through the high interaction possibilities of Limor, organisations will be able to clearly and concisely communicate with their audience. The ability to communicate directly with your customer base is essential for any business, and social audio provides this opportunity to any business that implements it.

Social audio is a new concept for many, and as a result, it is a distinctive and exciting communication channel for both businesses and their followers. It should be noted that social audio could also dispense several new and unique content possibilities to any brand. For any savvy organisation, they must capitalise upon the opportunity to clearly communicate and engage with their customer base through a new genre of innovative content. Businesses can use both short and long-form audio to interact and inform their followers in a unique and currently untouched fashion. 

Over the past few years, businesses have begun to see the effectiveness of audio marketing. Advertising your product or service through audio is nothing new, with radio being a staple of marketing throughout the decades. The emergence of new audio concepts such as podcasts have brought a new dimension to audio marketing.  In a recent report from DigiDay analysis, audio advertisements possess a 24% greater recall rate than display ads. 

Social audio offers businesses not only a unique marketing channel, but also the opportunity to participate in sonic branding. While similar to marketing, the idea of possessing a sonic identity online is becoming essential; as it adds a new aspect to their outreach. Sonic branding is the use of audio that is related and easily identifiable to your brand. Through the use of social audio, businesses can increase brand recognition and give your online profile much more depth. 

Touching on the effectiveness of audio marketing for a business, there is much more that audio can provide a company than simply advertising its product or service. Through social audio, businesses can give their organisation a voice. In a growing environment where the public values authenticity from those they make purchases from, voice is considered by many to be the most emotionally conveying of our senses. 

Alongside this, a recent report from Spotify has stated that young people consider audio content to be the most immersive and trustworthy! By giving your brand a voice with social audio, you increase customer relations through directly communicating with your customer base. Not only this, you can humanise your brand through the use of voice and make your organisation more authentic towards your followers.  

Another optimal use of social audio for businesses would be the use of a long-form company podcast. Through the use of a podcast, organisations can keep their audiences informed of any necessary information within their brand and respective industry; as well as providing a more engaging form of media for their customer base.

Social audio offers a host of extremely advantageous and unique aspects to your business and its outreach, customer relations and brand communication. Make the decision and sign up for Limor, and add another dimension to the customer experience and your business model!