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Our audio social media app allows you to easily create and share high quality audio content instantly with our global community. Unlike traditional podcasting, Limor is an interactive social audio experience.


Did you know?


In January 2022, 62% of the US population over 12 years old (177 million people) listened to a podcast; up from 57% in 2021. Meanwhile, 18% of adults in the UK listen to podcasts weekly!

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edit audio screen in our audio social media platform


Limor provides content creators easy and instant functionality to edit their podcasts on the go. This high quality audio editing is available at the tap of your fingers. If you don’t feel like editing straight away; you can save your audio post to your drafts to publish at a later time!


Did you know?


The average industry standard for editing a 30-34min long podcast episode takes 4-5hrs. With Limor depending on the length of the recording, a podcast can be edited and shared in minutes, or even seconds!


With Limor, you can instantly and seamlessly share your thoughts with a vibrant and interactive social audio community; whether it is a 10 second update or a full length hour-long episode. There is no need for expensive podcast equipment; all you need is the Limor platform, your phone and your voice!


Did you know?


2.5 million podcasts have been published globally and this number continues to grow exponentially as content creators are becoming aware of the huge advantage podcast , digital audio and social audio has when it comes to connecting with an audience.

80% of podcast listeners tune into eight different shows every week, while 80% of listeners listen to all or most of every podcast episode they start.

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People love the connection that comes with audio, but are you aware of how easy it is to effectively multitask while listening to your favourite Limor creators?


Instead of the need to focus on a keyboard, a phone or TV screen; audio allows you to connect and interact in a diverse setting. Whether you are cooking, exercising or working in the office!


Did you know?


One of the biggest advantages of audio is its ability to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Speaking directly with social audio only adds to this advantage.

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How ‘social’ can social audio be?
See what our community is saying:

The Voice Commerce Market Is Exploding

Limor Enterprise will allow content creators to instantly take advantage of this exciting new market opportunity.


Voice commerce is the future:

  •  60% of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad.
  • 81% say they pay more attention to podcast ads than ads on radio, TV, billboards, digital ads or even social media.
  • The voice economy is projected to hit $1Trillion by 2025.
  • Digital Audio Advertising is projected to reach
    $6,995m in 2022.
  • The total worldwide transaction value of e-commerce purchases made through voice assistants is expected to rise from $4.6 billion in 2021 to $19.4 billion in 2023; a 400% growth in just two years. This has been caused by the increasing opportunities for voice assistants to purchase items, especially through smartphones and smart devices in the home.

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