Limor for Streamers

Why Stream on Limor?

It is undeniable that all successful streamers are very interactive with their audience and has an engaging and loyal community. Limor makes engagement simple. Our platform is an ideal location for streamers to direct their audience to and engage and interact with them easily. 

We are a highly social platform and allows for genuine connections and meaningful conversations. A happy and social community that is able to interact with their favorite streamers means increased loyalty and potential revenue for any savvy streamer.

Grow And Engage Your Community

Being able to create a large following for your live content is essential, but what may be just as essential would be retaining this following through interacting with them outside of streaming time. Limor is an ideal location to keep the conversation going even outside streaming hours. We provide an environment for you and your followers to grow and interact with one another.


Limor allows for asynchronous yet engaging conversations that would also help streamers to grow a stronger local community. Streamers can use Limor to host their interactions and continue talking to their audience. Just as an example, people can ask a question on-stream which you can answer on the Limor platform at a later time and have a conversation about. They can even post updates or events about the stream’s status on Limor, bringing your audience into the loop.

Earn With Patron

A significant potential benefit of the Limor platform is Limor Patron. Streamers can now monetize their voice with Patron. Get started by registering for the Limor platform and accepting your invite to the very exclusive community of Limor Patron. This provides you with advanced monetization and analytical features that enable you to turn your voice into revenue. 

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