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Let your voice go viral with Limor.
We are a new social audio platform that lets you instantly record, edit, share and interact with your voice straight from your phone.

Unlike traditional podcasting, Limor is an interactive social audio experience. We use the power of speech to help you meet new people, broaden your network, find new information and spark real and meaningful audio conversations.

The popularity of podcasts, smart speakers and voice activated technology is exploding. 

  • It is predicted that the voice economy will be valued at $1 Trillion by 2025.
  • There are now 325 million smart speakers in use around the globe.
  • Search by voice makes up 50% of all searches.

To further provide value, experts have deemed that the future of e-commerce is set to lie in voice commerce, which involves buying and selling via your voice.

The voice , podcast and now social audio market is here to stay. Join Limor to start staking your claim in this exciting industry.

Despite this explosion in the voice industry, podcast and voice production, audio interaction, and audio analytics remain inaccurate and difficult to monetise.Limor solves these problems.

Limor makes it instant and easy to enter this new era of audio giving you the opportunity to become a leading voice on the platform.

Share your voice and traditional podcasts with the world instantly. Take part in meaningful social audio conversations and gain an exclusive invitation to become a Limor Patron user. Limor Patron allows for instant monetisation of your content.

If you are a content creator, now is the perfect time to start building your sonic identity. 


By becoming an early member of the Limor community, you will gain an exclusive invitation to become a Limor patron and monetize your voice and content.


Share your voice and podcasts with the world instantly. Take part in meaningful conversations and make access to the new era of audio simple and engaging with Limor.

By using Limor you will soon be able to earn income with your voice. By becoming a Limor Patron user, you gain the functionality to sell your content and be provided with advanced social audio analytics.

Limor is a Voice Commerce platform. We believe that voice is the most effective form of marketing that there is. Limor lets you harness the power of voice and lets you instantly sell your audio content and market directly to your listeners, with Limor you don’t just talk to your followers you talk with them.

  • Podcast consumers are 179% more likely to purchase than any other form of consumer. This is a whopping bump in marketing to purchasing conversion rates.

Still not convinced? Let us give you an example of what audio can do.


In February 2019 Nike announced a real-time voice sale of its new self-lacing sneakers during an NBA basketball game in February 2019, people were stunned. It happened during halftime, at a game between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers. Fans could simply “ask Nike” via their smart device to buy their pair of the $350 shoes. The shoes sold out within 6 minutes!


More than 15000 people asked their voice assistant for the shoes, completely outstripping their supply.

This is the potential of voice commerce.

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