Limor For Podcasters

Limor - The New Home For Podcasts

Limor is the best place to be for all podcast enthusiasts. Relax and record. Stop worrying about losing your podcast mid recording as Limor takes care of that. We let users recast any of the podcasts on the platform as well as sharing a 3-minute snippet of their cast on other social media platforms. This gives podcasters the ability to reach a larger audience with their voice and attract them to their Limor profiles. 

Stay Tuned For Limor Creator Academy!

We are developing the “Limor Creator Academy”. This will help content creators understand the intricacies of social audio and grow their audience. Social audio is a novel and intimate method of engaging with followers and is sure to intrigue sponsors. Our Social Audio Academy will serve to accelerate this process as well as teach you how to best make use of this. This is all still largely uncharted territory and people are only beginning to recognize its significance. So get on the ship early and join us on the most advanced social audio analytics platform available today. 

Engage With Your Audience Like Never before

Limor doesn’t just let users listen to podcasts, It also lets them like, comment, recast, share and most importantly, respond via voice comments. This means we offer one of the most valuable attributes most content creators strive for, which is engagement. Limor has the potential to be a direct and efficient way to get feedback from your most important contributor, your listeners. When you post a cast, your followers can leave a voice comment, giving you an insight into their thoughts and views. This gives podcasters the opportunity to listen to and understand the needs of their audience.  

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